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Meet the Citizen Statesman


I would like to introduce myself... like you a "Citizen Statesman" Stephen Redden...


Yes, we are all Citizen Statesmen and have a voice, together we are like a tidal wave,

with our voice and vote we can make great reforms to eliminate income taxes

and property taxes.


We talk about rights, but the only right the Government will not talk about is our

"Right to have Financial Freedom".


I have spent the last 7 years studying tax systems. Living in Florida I realized how awesome it was not having a "State Income Tax". So I ask myself, why do we have national income tax? There is actually no good reason to have an income tax and when you read the 16th Amend. you find out what a huge mistake that was.


While growing up in the DC area (Northern Virginia) I was fortunate to be surrounded by the founding ideas that made our nation great. Ideas you have to study to appreciate how our Constitution formed our society so that we can all have the opportunity to earn the life we want.


I have always been a self starter, after graduating from James Madison University I immediately went into the home building business. Again, learning very fast how intrusive our income tax system was and still is. It is in every aspect of our lives.


But it does not have to be, join me and help in telling others that we don't need Income Taxes! We just need a simple National Sales Tax.

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